Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moving Christmas

It was after we had sold our house , we were living in a rental just up the street. Our plans were to move back to my home town but things were going so well where Dalton was going to school ( Stars program in walnut creek Ca).  I had called my mom like have done so many times for advice and she had happened to mention that the Lees Summit School district was now using the stars program.  I was floored , this is great news and that's when I started seriously thinking about moving back .  Not only could Dalton be in the same program which was really starting to work.  But we would have family near, the kids had only seen my side of the family on short 1 week visits and I really wanted them to know there grandparents while they were young.  Not only that , but I couldn't think of a better place to grow up.

It was Christmas day Dalton was 5 Daniel was 7 and it was after we had our  own  little family Christmas and we were getting ready to watch a movie as the kids played with there toys , well actually I should say Danielle was playing with her toys and Dalton would just play with the Box that his gifts were in.  I was just sitting on the couch and Dalton had this thing where he would climb on my back and like a little monkey he would shimmy up to my shoulders and like a circus act or something he would stand on my shoulders with the most amazing balance it was pretty cool and he would do it at least 4 or 5 times a day. I was ready to sit down as  I leaned to knock his balance and catch him and put him down.  We were all there when it happened ,  It was the Best gift I had ever gotten in my life!!!! For five years waiting for the day for Dalton to say something, Anything !!! And after a teacher telling me he would never speak, even made this more special.  Not only that he spoke but what he said.  As I had put him down and was looking at my wife. I was about to ask her something when this Little voice looked up at me and said " Daddy" .  Did he really just say that ???? OH MY GOD !!!!  A tear was coming from my eye as I sad " say that again Bubba" . This time it  was DADDY!!!!
That's right you stupid b****  teacher is what i thought as picked him up and hugged him and made him say it at least 10 more times and of course called Gram ma and had to have her hear it......

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