Saturday, September 10, 2011

Heart of an angel

It was the beginning of December , Danielle birthday was coming up soon and she had asked Grandma and Grandpa for a new bicycle.  She had out grown her first bike while Dalton still had his , he was getting close.  Dalton could ride anybody bike actually anything with wheels , he never had training wheels . Well he did but it was for about 10 feet when he jumped off his bike and threw it on the ground and just kicked at the extra wheels.  I took them off and away he went.  But this was Danielle's birthday and she was ready to go pick out her bike with the money she had gotten from her grandparents. I packed her and Dalt into the car and off to Kmart we went , at this particular Kmart they had special needs employees , something I had never really paid attention too until that day.  As Danielle was picking out her bike , that was of course on the very top rack .  We waited patiently for a bit , as I finally started looking around for help or a ladder to get it myself .   Dalton had found the perfect bike for him, and proceeded to ride it through the store.  Oh and did i mention he never had learned to use either the pedal breaks ....but most of all the hand brakes since this was a ten speed and about 6 inches to big for him so his feet barley reached the pedals. I had found a rolling scaffold and began to climb up to get Danielle's bike when I had noticed Dalton rounding the automotive isle and headed for home appliance area.  I finally get the bike down and I put it in her hands as i ran off to catch Dalton.  Danielle had put the kick stand down and had a different bike when I got back with Dalt.  I said "whats up?" . Something wrong with the other bike?  No she said , but this one is cheaper,  I was lost didn't understand what she was getting at she had plenty of money thanks her Grandparents. She said this one is just as good and if I get this one then I can buy Dalton a bike too.  I don't think I could have been any prouder and shocked to see a 7 year old with such compassion for her brother ,  What a great Day and I made sure she knew that she didn't have to do that , I had planned on getting Dalton a new bike in a couple of months. But she insisted and so we went to the checkout line with two brand new bikes , two very happy kids and one extremely proud Dad.  The bikes were only two days old ridden only once and then parked two feet from our front door inside the white picked fence with a gate that guarded our front yard.  After putting the kids to bed I was getting ready to work the night shift and was headed out to put up the bikes when I opened the front door and Dalton's bike had been stolen.  I couldn't believe it , such a selfish act by some one not only to a special needs child but a gift from a very unselfish 7 year old ......

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