Saturday, July 2, 2011

In the beggining

This all began in about 2000, Danielle was 3 and Dalton was 2. Danielle was talking and walking everything was going well.  As a matter of fact she was talking so well that she would speak for her little brother.  Dalton never seemed to talk, He did laugh allot and made good eye contact , he would put himself to sleep and never crawled.  He went from the crib to walking , he rarely cry ed , he loved to watch the baby song videos. His ABC blocks with the little embossed letters and patterns always in front of him .  Never stacked but in a row, and always a certain order to them.   It wasn't until My mom had come to visit and she  noticed something wrong ......of course i disagreed but to make her happy we took Dalton to have him checked out..  I figured the most it could possible be is maybe a slight hearing loss since he never had even started to babel.

So we went to what was supposedly was at the time one of the best facilities in the country...I was expecting some caring doctors that were really going to understand study and give this insightful information about my son .  All with big words and doctor smocks on and   OMG was i shocked to see the lead doctor come out in ,, and I'm not exaggerating .. a mini skirt high heals and a low cut top....At first it was amusing as i watched this "professional" trying to pull her skirt down and keep her legs together as she was trying to get Dalton to stack some blocks.   I was more focused on her wiggling around in that skirt than I was the tests she was performing and gathering the data.   It all lasted with her for about 30 minutes and basically she couldn't get Dalton to stack the blocks but she didn't even notice that every time she would try to get him to stack them and he would look away acting like he wasn't paying attention.  when she would go to write something he was pulling them back and placing them in an order that never  The next "expert" that came in well she was about 8 month pregnant and she spent a total of 30 seconds observing and in that time with her well trained doctor instinct and I even heard her say .....IVE SEEN ENOUGH .....then the whisper....i don't need to see anymore......and off we go to see the "hearing specialist" with all the high tech equipment and sound Prof room ....Finlay we were going to get some answers.....i thought.   So they put this frightened two year old in the sound Prof room and they were surprised that he was unable to sit still and to preform this hearing test....The technician or what ever she was Finlay asked my wife to hold Dalton and brought out the tunning fork but by now Dalton was getting fussy and wasn't in his familiar fun mood.   Tired grumpy and now tired .    The tech gave up and as her final attempt brought out a Pan and a Spoon and quickly banged on it at both sides of his head and just said  "no reaction " .....Where the hell was I again?...the best in the country ?>...WTF????    They had us wait for another hour or so it seemed like for ever....they Finlay called us in the room where all the " Specialist" 5 or 6 of them ...all woman by the way.  Began to console us like we had just been handed a death sentence.    Your son has autism.   we are so sorry "mini skirt said" .  Ok that's it I've had enough ,  I didn't want there sympathy and how in the world they came up with that conclusion in what little time they had spent ,Basically I was not having it ,  and began to tell them even if you are correct with you re diagnosis that Its not the end of the world and we would be fine....

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